About Us

Loveisajewelry comes from two generations of a traditional goldsmith family. Coming from a family of jewelers, it was always important to our family's heritage that we continue to learn and grow the craft. At a young age we have been studying the art of jewelry making in Europe, including Florence, Italy. The simple and rustic feel of ancient Italian cultural influences blending together with contemporary motifs weave through our designs. 
Loveisajewelry was built on a passion and a dream to make jewelry that's high quality and affordable. We make sure each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with high quality solid 925 sterling silver and gold plated silver which are naturally hypoallergenic. Through that love and pride of jewelry making, we create products that reveal an aesthetic that is as gorgeous to the eye of the beholder, as it is a pure delight to wear.
Located in sunny California, Loveisajewelry takes inspiration from the breathtaking lush landscapes, wildlife and vibrant cultural hub. We create styles that are desirable, unique, and timeless.
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